To actively work for social business activities related to Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICT for development) in Health, Education, Media & Communication, Science and Environment, which in turn will facilitate a sustainable and equitable improvement of life specially for women, children, youth population of Bangladesh through their increased participation in the socio-economic, cultural and civic life of the country.

Positive Changemaker

We recognize the social problems to achieve a social change by engaging entrepreneurial principles, processes and operations. It is all about making the research to completely define a particular social problem and then organizing, creating and managing social venture to attain the desired change.

Model Projects

We are ready for Successful Model Replication - in country and global, and, to introduce new Ideas and Innovation.

Digital Health Services

This Digital Health Services (Swasthya Sheba) is a kind of social innovation in...

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Breast Care e-Health

We developed affordable and high-quality outpatient medical care services. In low- and middle-income...

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Breast Cancer Research

Over the past 12 years our researchers have made great progress in the...

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IT Enabled Services (ITES)

We develop scalable Health System Software (HSS) such as Electronic Medical Record (EMR),...

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IT Education

Since 2009 with our Sister partner Amader Gram Communications we have developed special...

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Handicrafts Promoting local knowledge, is about bridging the gap between remote villagers who...

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